That’s What It’s All About!

The Hokey Pokey is a fun sing-along dance that was invented in England in the early 1800’s. It is well known and is performed in all English-speaking countries. Sometimes at weddings. Funny as this saying is, it does have some truisms about it. The dance is a repetition of movements, and repeatedly done by everyone in the group.

Addictions, no matter what they are have the same progression and repetitions built into them. Be it heroin, crack-cocaine, cocaine, speed, pain killers, domestic violence, pornography, fears, cult-religions, alcohol, work, and yes even fears and phobias can be addictive. They start small and innocuous; they progress more and more eventually they run out of control.

Have you ever felt there were two people inside of you?

The one on the outside that interacts with others. Always happy, smiling, joking, warm and approachable. The other you, is dark, deep down troubled, the one hardly anybody hears from or sees. We are afraid to let this person out because we feel inadequate and fearful.

Having a counselor or therapist alongside of you could be just what is needed to help you turn around. Therapy is indeed transformation. Now that indeed is what it’s all about.

It’s Not Me It’s All About You: What Happens in a Counseling Session?

First, you will be given a copy of the HIPAA, federal guidelines for your confidentiality, and asked to sign a form that you were given information on the HIPAA. Everything discussed with your therapist is strictly confidential and the only time it can be breached is if the practitioner feels that you are a threat to yourself or others. Your therapist will then ask you a series of questions about your life, history and feelings. Most sessions usually last 55 minutes; however, we will go up to 90 minutes if need be until we are satisfied at the time spent together. Feel free to ask questions, be honest and open about your feelings.

Chair or Couch?

There is a benefit of lying down on a couch, but most people feel more comfortable in a chair, at least at first. It’s up to you. The session may start with some breathing exercise to relax the mind. It is also a good idea to take some notes yourself. Pad and pen can be supplied at no charge if needed. Questions and answers are done by you and the counselor. During the first session for assessment, don’t feel uncomfortable at stretches of silence. They happen to give us to some time to dwell and digest what was just said or discussed. As you work together with your therapist, you may be given something to do before the next session (and you thought you were done with homework). As the session ends, an appointment shall be scheduled for the next session, and the payment is due at the end of each session.


Each session of therapy, counseling, or life-coaching is $85.00 per session, paid by check, cash, PayPal, and soon credit card. There is no billing or charge to your insurance. Most insurance agencies require a psychological assessment and copies of the treatment(s) and case notes. They would also limit the amount of sessions allowed. What the Fire Escape Counseling Service would charge is far less than your co-pay and deductibles.